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Name:Multifandom essays and meta
Posting Access:All Members
This is a place for posting essays and meta on any and all aspects of fandom. Think of it as a multifandom nonfiction community.

Try to keep your contributions well thought out and well written and remember to stay polite in commenting, even when you disagree with the poster. Discussion is encouraged, flaming is not.


1) Discussion and comments are very much encouraged. You are allowed to disagree, but do so while keeping your comments respectful and try to give considered and well thought reason as to why you disagree.

2) There is no direct requirements on the length or content of your essay/post. But since you are sure to have given your chosen topic some thought before posting, it is doubtful that you would even want to post anything shorter than 150 words.

3) Character/ship bashing is strongly discouraged. This is not to say you are not welcome to write a thought out essay on why you think a certain character is over appreciated or something of similar nature, as long as you offer logical reasons for your opinion. Please keep in mind that other people do not necessarily share your views.

4) It is appreciated if you tag your post according to the topic. Currently all members can create new tags. Feel free to do so.

5) Try to remember to add a title to your post that offers some sort of summary on your topic. Also, longer posts should be placed behind a cut.

6) Cross-posting from your journal or posting a link to your own journal is allowed. Make sure that the post in your own journal is public.

7) If for whatever reason you believe that your post is not appropriate for general audiences (say that your chosen topic is tentacle porn, or maybe you simply find that you cannot avoid the use of some offensive language) please include a warning and then place the actual content of the post behind a cut.

8) If you are uncertain whether your post is appropriate or not, if any undue conflict arises between you and another user, if you have any questions, or if you just want to offer some helpful suggestions; you are encouraged to contact your moderator. You can do so by PMing her, or by commenting here.


Your mod admits to being new to this and as such welcomes you to share any possible ideas for improvements to the community. If your mod seems slow to answer you can try PMing her through her journal, but she wants to remind you that there is quite a time difference between her and the majority of users.

Your mod,
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